Kids Will Be Kids (No Matter What You Do)

Our children’s behavior reflects on us, it’s true. But there are some things we just can’t control. This month on, I share about one time that happened to me.

Finally! Our three-year-old was old enough to sing in the preschool children’s choir. She was so excited; we were so proud. Sure, it was “Jesus Loves Me” (or something similar), and sure, every church kid ever has done the same thing. But this was our child: our cute, sweet, well-behaved little girl. I put her in her best dress and made sure her pigtails were even for her big debut.

You know something embarrassing is about to happen, don’t you? Catch the rest here. Then leave me a comment over there or pop back in here with your thoughts. Pastor’s wife or not, what do you think?

Our kids will act like kids because they ARE kids. (click to tweet)

4 thoughts on “Kids Will Be Kids (No Matter What You Do)

  1. Okay, this made me chuckle!

    I have to admit I always believed and thought 1 and 2, but 3 is the one that makes me pause. Its so easy to think “my children will never do that” or “my children will never behave like that” then you have a child and you find out they “do” and “behave” exactly like that. However, if we believe 1 and 2 then we should be more like our friends and accept our children and ourselves with grace accepting the reality that we are indeed human beings and parenting is about so much than our reputation.

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