Parenting at the Movies

Y’all, I’m excited about this one: I had a guest post over at In the Quiver the other day! It starts like this:

We love to go to the movies as a family, but I don’t always love what we see on the screen. Sometimes my gut reaction is to cover my children’s eyes and ears until the scene passes, but that’s not always practical, especially now that they’re older and watch movies with their friends.

Instead of hiding our eyes and theirs, we can train our children to evaluate everything they see, read, and hear in light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can prepare them in advance to healthily handle and respond to all sorts of media, including movies.


Want to find out what my family does after every movie to help us process it through our Christ-centered worldview?

Then click through. You can leave me note there or come back here to tell me what you think. And please share. Help me bless the awesome people at In The Quiver with a bunch of shares, likes, and comments!

Parenting at the Movies – an #IntentionalParenting guest post for @InTheQuiver from @Carole_Sparks. #movies (click to tweet)

Does your family have a habit to help you stay balanced in the world? Would you mind sharing it? That’s what the comments are for.

(If you’re a long-time reader, and you think this looks familiar, you’re right. I originally posted most of this content as In the World (by means of movies).)

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